3 comments on “Beat the Clock!

  1. Thank you for this reminder of how much time we have! It’s amazing how short the average attention span is today. Over the course of the last ten years it has dropped dramatically from 12 minutes to a staggeringly short 5 seconds. I’ve attached an infographic here that helps to build on the concept you’ve discussed above: http://socialtimes.com/attention-spans-have-dropped-from-12-minutes-to-5-seconds-how-social-media-is-ruining-our-minds-infographic_b86479

  2. It’s amazing that a first-time user only remains on a web page for a few seconds. As you mentioned, a website should be engaging, informative, and simple to navigate – all while simultaneously representing the brand (social streams can be added on a brands page to help increase website engagement, and as you mentioned, organizing content should be a priority). This reflects my response to your question regarding, “what do users want?” From my perspective, a website is at the center of an organizations online presence, and this presence should always match the brands identity, and their objectives and vision in relation to their users.

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