3 comments on “The Consistency Challenge

  1. For big brands, I love the concept of having a “war room” of sorts for social media. NASCAR has a similar Fan Engagement center, where they monitor social media engagement across all social channels. Not only is consistency important as you mention above, but also relevance and when/to whom it makes sense to respond to. Since everything has the potential to be forwarded and shared, brands must walk a line of being transparent, but not to a fault. Great post! I love the pictures!

  2. Thanks for the comments! NASCAR is a great example. Both NASCAR and Gatorade have the added task of monitoring individuals that are associated with the brand. For NASCAR, that means each driver and team. For Gatorade, that means every sponsored athlete across multiple sports. Determining which messages to respond to could be a significant challenge. Given the task, effective monitoring becomes that much more important. Great point!

  3. Beyond the need for consistency of voice, there is consistency of brand and what the brand stands for. I think for brands like Delta, that stand for customer service, the social response to questions or press in crisis situations is a big part of their social communications. So it makes sense that they have separated out their social platforms for clarity. It doesn’t need to be the same exact voice or tone, because they have different purposes. By doing that, they are actually enhancing the brand ethos. Since Gatorade is a packaged good, it might not have that same type of need, and a more one-size-fits all approach is more efficient and easier to manage.

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